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Afternoon Fishing

There are days where I have been in the studio so long that we just have the need to get out of dodge and spend some time with nature. This is where I do my best thinking, and sometimes you just need to get muddy and splash in the water. So Monday, we did just that!

My hometown is split in half as it sits on either side of the Yellowstone River, just miles above the confluence where it flows into the Missouri River. As we are now coming to the end of the June rise, the water is now clearing enough to enjoy the fishing again.


We headed to our secret fishing hole right below my Aunt and Uncle's sugar beet farm. There is a small creek that flows into the river, making a perfect little spot for wading.

Miss Aspen had a blast with this shiner. They are a predatory fish, and hard to eat because of all the scales and bones. Her puppy ended up carrying him around until Aspen got him back. She was so fascinated by his shiny scales and thoroughly inspected his eyes.

My little girl who usually has a hard time wanting to get dirty carried that slimy fish around all afternoon, jumping in the creek and sinking into the soft and silky silt. "Mom, this is one of the best days of my life!" Oh how I live to hear those words. It is the simple pleasures.

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