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I love to create. I have a soft spot in my heart for anything that can be fixed, painted, or repurposed into something beautiful to enjoy. The best things in life are free! 

I try to incorporate these things in my art;  recycling scrap metal to make metal and clay garden sculptures, using scraps of paper to collage a background for my paintings, or finding that "treasure" in the dumpster to use as a display shelf for a show.

I grew up on a farm near the river in Eastern Montana where I spent countless hours outside playing in the mud, hunting for "beautiful" rocks, loving on animals, and a lot of wandering around.

I have a restless spirit that led me to an unforgettable summer in New York following my first year of college and many other countless road trips, which have since led me back home.  


I am thankful to live in a cozy, little house with very confident, 13-year-old and 3- year-old studio bosses.

My love of painting comes from a passionate art teacher I had in school. My addiction to clay I give credit to Tama at Prairie Fire Pottery where I spent two amazing summers. To be the best, you must learn from the best.






My name is Amanda Heimbuch, but all my family and art followers know me as Mandy. I am an artist, photographer, mother, and adventurer. 

My main medium is clay, but I am also passionate about painting. Currently both bodies of work reflect a very vibrant palette of turquoise, purple, green, and blues. I believe these colors reflect all the landscapes of Montana from east to west from the sky as far as you can see to the mountains, rivers, and night skies.

I strive to capture the vibrant landscape and the spirit of the Old West in all my art. The lush turquoise, invigorating green, and rich purple hues that adorn my pottery and paintings are a reflection of the colors of this majestic place I call home.  


Montana’s diverse palette provides an endless source of inspiration – a canvas where the hues of nature intertwine with the stories of the West – both past and present. I channel these influences into my creations, seeking to encapsulate the beauty and vitality of the land within every stroke of the brush and every curve of the clay.  


With each piece I invite viewers to embark on a visual journey through the Western terrain, where the vivid colors tell tales of the untamed wilderness and evolving narratives of a timeless frontier. It is my hope that my art evokes a sense of awe, connection, and a deep appreciation for the remarkable beauty that graces the landscapes, people, and wildlife from the peaks to the prairies of the West.






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